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I  trained as a textile designer at Winchester School of Art and subsequently had a hectic career as an interior designer at the height of the central London property development boom. Prompted by a desire for a change of pace,  I moved to a beautiful rural corner of Shropshire  and now work as an online retailer, artist and workshop facilitator.

I am a passionate collector of  all  things crafty, handmade and vintage  with varied interests. My pinterest and instagram pages display some of my ever changing  "virtual" collection of ideas and desirable things! When not sharing ideas  at workshops, you will find me hunting for new treasure, selling direct at local events,  creating and painting or sharing my inspiration and knowledge at events and talks throughout Shropshire. 

Thank you for visiting my website which shows a selection of items I have for sale. If you would like to make a purchase you can contact me or buy online in my Etsy shop. If you would like to hear about  events I will be at or new arty crafty workshops  you can sign up for my workshop mailing list,  or follow me on instagram, pinterest, , facebook or twitter.   Jacs x

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