I paint, I make and  re- love the discarded, the overlooked or the lost.  I sell a mix of my collected, crafted, created or recycled original and unique items . I also run art and craft workshops. 

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Collectable Pegs Fairy book

A beautiful 1940's Australian childhood classic written and illustrated by  Peg Maltby  £40.00

Queen Mary's Dolls house Souvenir and Guide

This guide probably dates from the mid thirties, not long after this amazing miniature project was completed.
Illustrated extensively with detailed black & white photographs of the house and contents   £9.00

Vintage Snakes and Ladders Boards

A variety of collectable snakes and ladder boards  £12.00 - £14.00

Vintage Ladybird Books 1970s

A pair of children’s classics - Talkabout  clothes and starting school - published in 1974.   £8.50

Vintage handmade sewing accessory

Handmade from 1930's, fine soft leather lined with a  stylish “ tea dress”  style material offcut. Contains  x 9 thread cards. £12.00

Vintage Painted lead chickens

Some happy hens!  Several different sets of available. £12.00

Vintage mininature furniture

8.5” wide x 9” high x 2.5” deep. Quirky lovely handmade dresser with oval mirror and 4 opening drawers. £40.00

Vintage Oxfam Belinda Lyon cut & sew doll

1970’s ,”Pepe the Mexican Boy” by Belinda Lyon for Oxfam. Perfect condition.   £15.00

In my studio

I exhibit  my   artwork and prints from original mixed media at various events and venues. A selection of my current work  can be purchased direct.



Painting play school for creative grown ups take place weekly on a Monday  at Aston On Clun village hall in Shropshire exploring a range of techniques in a fun and relaxed way. Please do get in touch if you would like to join us.


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