About Me

I am an artist, stylist, maker and collector with many interests based in a beautiful rural corner of Shropshire and enjoy hunting for hidden treasure at local markets, auctions and fairs. I have always found my inspiration in time worn surfaces and love to gather and re-love the discarded, the overlooked or the lost. I try to re-cycle, up- cycle or find a new angle from which to re- appreciate the time worn, the pretty ugly and the temporarily uncool. Even relatively recent eras have left us a legacy of ephemera with huge nostalgic appeal - it’s fun to research and understand the history of our surroundings and by adopting a vintage object or crafting something for ourselves we are enriching our lives as well as saving a little bit of the planet.

I exhibit and sell my artwork at  venues locally. A selection of my current orginal artwork and affordable prints can be be viewed by clicking on the original artwork page. 

I also run "Painting Playschool" workshops in Shropshire. Award yourself some creative “ me” time, leave your inhibitions at home and just have a go- who knows what talents you may unleash! We learn together and from each other. Find out how to join in by clicking on the workshop page.

If you would like to make a purchase you can contact me or visit my Etsy shop to buy online. You can also join me on instagram, pinterest, or twitter where I share my ideas, interests  and news on whats happening.   Jacs x

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