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I paint, I make and  re- love the discarded, the overlooked or the lost.  I sell a mix of my collected, crafted, created or recycled original and unique items . I also run art and craft workshops.. Thanks for stopping by.  Jacs x 


Lets Get Creating!

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I am finally emerging from my winter hibernation. It has been way too  tempting to hang out on the sofa with a roaring fire, the cats and a good book, but I have  been busy getting creative.

I am a complete techno novice, so am proud of my new Etsy shop that is now up and running together with my new Instagram page  - it's great to share my creations and passions with a  new  friendly community.

My website has also had a bit of a spring clean makeover - still a work in progress to re-invent my  virtual home but getting there!

It's not all been about  virtual creativity - I visited Susie Hunt in Scotland, with a lot of snow still hanging around but  it did not stop us getting creative in Aberdeenshire 




Meanwhile, in the great outdoors, I set out my wares at the  Aardvark books spring garden event over Easter. Spring may well have sprung but we were too cold to notice - even with 4 layers we were frozen - but hey, we hung tough... least we did until the hot chocolate ran out... !


Painting Playschool for creative grown-ups

We have had some really fun creative  sessions in Aston on Clun village hall, so I have decided to extend these and now host workshops every Monday.  Let me know if you would like to join us to share your ideas, try something new or finish that artwork you have on the go.  Here is a taste of what we got up to recently - a lino print in progress to turn into a small print of Bishop Castle town hall by Tess, and one of my empty jugs , one of a series in progress.



Jacs x


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